Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So today I fired up the grill so that the Mrs and I could enjoy a nice meal. I grilled hot dogs, bratwurst, chicken wings and thighs. Not to mention I also had some corn on the cob that I also threw on the grill. Anyway while I was grilling I thought to myself. I said, "Self" Myself said, "Huh" I said, "Why do some people refer to BBQ as the pulled pork that was cooked in a pit or on an open fire? Some refer to BBQ as the meat cooked on the grill, or as the actual cookout. What about if the meat doesn't have BBQ sauce on it? Is it still BBQ? I wondered right up to the point I had myself confused. Because I feel the pulled pork with sauce is BBQ. Or you have BBQ sauce on chicken, ribs, and steaks but that isn't BBQ to me. Is it a regional thing. Do people in Texas refer to BBQ as grilled meat, while the people in NC refer to it as the pig that is slow cooked in a pit? Then my next thing is this, what really is the beef between Texas and North Carolina as to who has the best BBQ? I say serve it and shut up. No one has the best to me, because they are different, but it's still meat that has been sauced differently. I may bake chicken with onions, bell peppers, and minced garlic and people may say that it's the best they had. But then they try another person's recipe who used celery, carrots, and tomatoes and then say that was the best they ever had. To me when it comes to cooking, grilling, and preparing foods there is a million and one ways to do anything. So whose to say that your way or my way is the best? Even with these judges on these cook shows. They make a decision as far as a winner, but does that mean if the challengers competed all week that the same person would win everytime? I don't believe so. In football the saying is "Any given Sunday!". Which means no matter what the records are or who is on what teams, the team that comes to play will win, and it may just be the team with the losing record. So back to the nature at hand, which is what was the term "BBQ" really mean? There is no right or wrong answer, but I would like to know what others think. So holla at me world, or those of you who come across this blog post. Until next time people, be safe and no matter how you feel about BBQ, enjoy whatever version you love.

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  1. Great now I'm hungry. Good question what exactly is BBQ? We use the term so loosely that if you put hotdogs on the grill it's a BBQ. Personally, I think we just like saying "BBQ"