Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 11th Wonder Of The World

So I have always heard people say the 9th Wonder of The World or even the 10th Wonder of The World. So that is why I used the 11th Wonder of The World for this post. Now I have seen alot of different foods, and have been willing to try just about anything as long as it doesn't stink. Correction, there is only one thing that stinks that I will eat...CHITLINS or as I read at many HBCU Homecomings,"Chitterlings". But that is it because where some people feel collard greens stink I don't believe that to be true. To me they smell like vegetables being steamed. Still, this post is not about collard greens, chitterlings, or stinky foods, but about what may have been the greatest thing created since strawberry soda. I must set the scene. I won't say that I am a huge Norfolk Tides fan but I do enjoy going to the games. Especially when they play the Durham Bulls, the Charlotte Knights, or the Richmond Braves. So 2 weeks ago my wife and I decided to go see the Tides take on the Charlotte Knights. We usually get our tickets when we get there. We usually sit on the 3rd base line side of the field, and we usually get there 10 or 15 minutes before the start of the game. Well this time we got our tickets online. Got seats on the 1st base line side of the field, and we were there a whole hour early. So we actually had to get our tickets from a different side of the stadium. After we got our tickets we decided to see if the was a 1st base side entrance like there is on the 3rd base side. As we are making our way around there is a gentleman that asks if we had our tickets. When we said yes we do he politely pulled out his scanner, checked the tickets, and allowed us in through where the players entered. WOW! Is what I think to myself, this is going to be a good night. Please no Black Eye Peas singing. So we go into the stadium and we decide that since we have some time we will walk to the 3rd base side of the park and back to our side since we have never really seen past the souvenir shop from the 3rd base side. We did that and because the ballpark isn't but so big it took us no time to do it. Well as we are making our way back to our side we saw a stand that was called Twisted Kings and from the signs all around it there specialty was funnel cakes. I am a huge funnel cake fan and if you knew me you would have no question that I went there and had a funnel cake, but I didn't. It was what I saw on the sign inside the stand that intrigued me. So much that the funnel cake was an after thought. Just imagine your favorite food. C'mon...close your eyes and just imagine on a plate your favorite food is right in front of you. Open your eyes, the feeling you have right now, hold that. Now imagine someone telling you, "Hey don't eat that. Try this thing that you've never had before but you've heard about." You wouldn't. You would reach for your favorite. But on that night of July 2nd 2010 I could not do it. I had to have it. I had seen it on the food network. I had seen it on the Learning Channel. I had heard it from another show where it was mentioned as one of the worlds best carnival foods, and there it was right there for me to taste. For me to finally share in the experience I could only envision. We have a term called W.M.D. which stands for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ladies and gentlemen I must share my experience with a WMH a Weapon of Mass Happiness. They call it, "THE FRIED TWINKIE". That's right you read it clearly. THE FRIED TWINKIE!!! The fried twinkie was only something I had read about or seen on television. After I placed my order and the guy began walking towards me with it, I heard Phil Collins singing "I can feel it...comin in the air tonight. Oooh Lord. And I've been waiting for this moment...for all my life. Oh Looord" It has the appearance of a corndog, but there was no dog inside and I knew it. What will it taste like? Is it going to be confusing when I bite into it? Will I be mad that I wasted my money to buy it? So I couldn't even wait until I got back to my seat I had to know the answers right then and there. So I took my bite. At this moment I had no idea that I was at a baseball game. I was now running through a field of what I now know as raw twinkies towards the arms of my new true love the FRIED twinkie. With her round head, her well tanned complexion and her sugar coated body. In the background I heard, "Toniiiiiiight I ded-icate my loooooove for youuuuu. Toniiiiight I cel-ebrate my loooooove for youuuu. No one will ever find us. We can leave this world behind us." I actually felt bad to be having an affair with a fried twinkie in front of my wife. But not even she could come between me and my fried twinkie. It was as if I didn't even die. God just reached down and pulled through purgatory and straight into heaven. It was like who gives a damn what you would do for a Klondike Bar. I don't care what you felt when you bit into that stupid peppermint patty. Oh and mom's apple pie, GAG! That's right ladies and gentlemen the key to world peace is the fried Twinkies. Instead of Will Smith sitting on the floor of the bathroom with his son in "The Pursuit of Happiness" he should have stolen a fried Twinkies and he would have thought that bathroom was a condo. Fried Twinkies are the @$#%!!!! You know what I said. So the next time you see chaos, a fight, or even a simple disagreement...reach for a fried Twinkies. It will make the WORLD a better place. Please keep in mind, results differ with raw Twinkies. After discussing this with a good friend we both came to the conclusion that if some one offers you a Twinkies that you inform them that you don't eat raw food. So for my tweeple and my friends if you are able to stop by a Norfolk Tide game check out Twisted King. If you can't get to Norfolk check your local area for some vendor, store or shop that offers fried Twinkies. We can heal the world, by getting out at least one fried Twinkies at a time. Now you see why this post couldn't wait another day to be posted. It's vital to our world. Good day peoples. Peace!

I Know I'm Late But....

This blog post is concerning an individual that a matter of weeks ago may have truly put his career on the road to recovery. That would be none other than the man who a little over a year ago was despised, hated, and band from a number of events and shows, Chris Brown. One of entertainments biggest names in '08 went through '09 wearing more sunglasses than Kool Mo Dee, Diddy, and Jack Nicholas combined. Well I do not really want to go into the incident that cost Chris Brown and his career dearly but many of you already know that there was an altercation between Chris and Rhianna in which he physically assualted her. I will never say that it is alright to do that, but the problem is when the assaulted party acts as though this was the act of an abusive person. That the abused did nothing wrong. Listen people, take responsibility for your role in any accident, incident, or event. Was Chris right for what he did, HELL F%^&&*(& NO!!! But when anyone gets mad there is a breaking point it's just some have more self control than others. Not to mention he was and still is very young. Meaning for a lot of us self control comes with maturity and age. For others it is instilled from a young age. I'm not sure where Chris Brown's maturity level or self control stands but obviously on that night anger got the best of him and the results were far from good. An ex-girlfriend, a career on hold, a mother that was disappointed but still supportive, disgusted fans, a criminal record, and negative publicity in the media. Damn Chris, she pissed you off to the point where you didn't think of any of those things. However, between the night of the Rhianna incident and last months BET Awards one of the worlds greatest if not the greatest entertainers of all time, Michael Jackson passed away. Mike was also Chris Brown's idol. STOP! Let's leave his issues out of this right now, and keep it at Chris Brown. At the time of Mike's death Chris was still dealing with the case and backlash from the Rhianna incident. Band from many different award shows, and then Jackson tributes he was never able to show his love, admiration, and respect to Michael Jackson. Plus, let's face it people the tributes I did see in honor of the "King of Pop" were rather lame, corny, or half-a$$. Just my opinion. Now there was the Neo tribute that I found to be very good where he sang "Lady in My Life", and the Janet performance on the MTV Music Awards that was nice. Other than that I didn't find the tributes to be nearly as good as what Chris Brown performed in a matter of minutes. To watch it at first, I sat in awe as if it was the return of my favorite artist. Or that the King himself was back on stage for one night only. When Chris Brown began performing "Man in The Mirror" I felt his emotion. I felt as though he was letting the whole world know that the words in that song were a testiment to what he will have to do, may have began doing, and will need to continue to do in order to rebuild his name and his own character. Plus these words came from someone that Chris really was a huge fan of. Not everyone, but those of us who have that one celebrity whether an actor, entertainer, or athlete that we JUST LOVE! I think Michael Jackson was that for Chris Brown. All in all I believe that Chris Brown's performance was AWESOME! Now, does that mean because he came out and danced like Michael Jackson that he is forgiven and we can all forget what he did? No. If you still held ill will, hate, or disgust for Chris Brown up to June 27th minutes before his performance than I am sure you still do. If you felt that he made a huge mistake, and you hope and pray that he learned from his mistake, and wish him the best going forward before his performance than all it did was boost your hopes for him even more. So Chris Brown, I sir feel the latter. In no way is hitting a woman right. Take it from a child who grew up in a home where there was domestic violence. Where I have seen my mothers face swollen, contusions, and black eyes. So you will never hear me say, "that's cool". But I am on the trip with Chris Brown on his road to redemption. That's it for me folks. I will holla at yall real soon when I will talk about my experience at a Norfolk Tides game where I may have encountered the 11th wonder of the world. Peace!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So today I fired up the grill so that the Mrs and I could enjoy a nice meal. I grilled hot dogs, bratwurst, chicken wings and thighs. Not to mention I also had some corn on the cob that I also threw on the grill. Anyway while I was grilling I thought to myself. I said, "Self" Myself said, "Huh" I said, "Why do some people refer to BBQ as the pulled pork that was cooked in a pit or on an open fire? Some refer to BBQ as the meat cooked on the grill, or as the actual cookout. What about if the meat doesn't have BBQ sauce on it? Is it still BBQ? I wondered right up to the point I had myself confused. Because I feel the pulled pork with sauce is BBQ. Or you have BBQ sauce on chicken, ribs, and steaks but that isn't BBQ to me. Is it a regional thing. Do people in Texas refer to BBQ as grilled meat, while the people in NC refer to it as the pig that is slow cooked in a pit? Then my next thing is this, what really is the beef between Texas and North Carolina as to who has the best BBQ? I say serve it and shut up. No one has the best to me, because they are different, but it's still meat that has been sauced differently. I may bake chicken with onions, bell peppers, and minced garlic and people may say that it's the best they had. But then they try another person's recipe who used celery, carrots, and tomatoes and then say that was the best they ever had. To me when it comes to cooking, grilling, and preparing foods there is a million and one ways to do anything. So whose to say that your way or my way is the best? Even with these judges on these cook shows. They make a decision as far as a winner, but does that mean if the challengers competed all week that the same person would win everytime? I don't believe so. In football the saying is "Any given Sunday!". Which means no matter what the records are or who is on what teams, the team that comes to play will win, and it may just be the team with the losing record. So back to the nature at hand, which is what was the term "BBQ" really mean? There is no right or wrong answer, but I would like to know what others think. So holla at me world, or those of you who come across this blog post. Until next time people, be safe and no matter how you feel about BBQ, enjoy whatever version you love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's On My Mind...

So today I sat wondering, "Why is it unmanly or frowned upon for guys to do certain things for their woman?" Why is it if you take your lady's chair out, most guys in the room look at you as if you committed a cardinal sin? Or you're not tough because you like cooking, and don't mind cleaning. It just seems that guys have been trained to believe that those things are women's' duties. It appears as though generation after generation keeps these "Man Laws" that as far as I am concerned need to be updated, changed, or even have some new ones amended. WHY?!!! Because there are women out here that deserve more than, "You're a woman, that's what you're supposed to do." You know where? Probably the one right next to you. It amazes me when I hear a guy say, "All I know is when I get home my old lady better have dinner ready." Or what? You gonna go home and slap her around? Start an unnecessary argument? Go and hang out with the boys at the bar, and have some beer and wings until the wee hours of the morning? If you answered yes to any of those, you sir will not be with your woman for ever. You don't appreciate what your woman goes through. You don't respect what she does as the lady of the house. That goes for working and stay at home moms, wives, fiancees, and even girlfriends. Because 9/10 your woman works, she always cooks, cleans, and (if you have any) chases after the kids. While you get the big piece of chicken, and why? Because you're the man of the house. THAT WILL GET OLD AFTER A WHILE FELLAS!!! Now if you're not the best cook or even slightly good at cooking it's not as difficult as some of you lazy maggots think. If you have a job, usually that means you can read. If you can read then you shouldn't have a problem following written instructions. If you can follow written instructions you can...............wait for it.............COOK. No fellas I am not saying that you need to do it every night, or become the Mark Stewart of the home. But every woman deserves to come home to a nice meal at least twice a month. AT LEAST! Especially if every time you go to put on a shirt, it's ironed or she will do it for you. Every time your stomach growls, she asks, "What do you want to eat baby?" Every time you leave with a hamper full of dirty laundry, you return to paper plate white draws or fresh boxers. OH AND DON'T YOU DARE HAVE A WOMAN THAT HAS BARED YOUR CHILDREN!!! You sir should be on a regimen of cooking a meal once a week. Now it doesn't have to be limited to cooking either. Your woman would probably appreciate it when she is working and your butt is at home, to come home to a clean house. Yes you are a guy, but I didn't know the requirements to wash dishes, vacuum, or sweep and mop lists vagina and breasts as qualifications. I had no idea. My frustrations are overflowing because I sit, I listen, and I watch. I have a cousin whose woman does just about everything for him. She made a deal with him that as long as he gets his close separated she will always make sure they get washed, dried, and folded. For you stupid individuals who don't understand what separated means, it's the dividing of close based on colors, washing cycle, and bleach or no bleach. For you simpletons, whites, darks, lights. Got it? So he calls me one day grumbling and upset. I ask him what happened. He replies, " I gotta take my clothes to the laundry tonight because I have no clean underwear and I wanna watch the game but Carla won't take them." I say, "Why not?" He replies, "She told me last week that she was going to wash clothes and she asked me to separate my clothes and I got mad." Mad for what? "Because if she is washing clothes why can't she separate them." REALLY??? So instead of you just separating the clothes, you got an attitude, and now you not only have to separate them, but pack them up, roll them to the laundromat, and stay there with them for hours until they're done, then fold them and you've pissed off your woman." Que the Fred G. Sanford sound bite..."You big dummy!" Guys, you gotta try and see what I am saying. The days of our women (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian..etc) being treated like slaves, servants, and door mats are over. This isn't the early 1900s, nor is it the 50s and 60s. Back then women were not given opportunities. Doors for women in the work place weren't closed, they hadn't even been invented. You only saw women in the schools as teachers and lunch ladies, as secretaries, and celebrities back then. Now we have a woman who is Speaker of The House, we have a woman who is Secretary of State, we may even have woman run for the highest office in our country in 2012. (I don't want her to win, but not because she's a woman. I'm voting Obama in 2012) LOL! FOR PETE'S SAKE POSSIBLY THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN AMERICA IS A WOMAN! HELLOOOOOO...OPRAH! By the way who is Pete, and why do we sake for him? Anyway, before you guys decide to play me for some women's rights activist. Just stop and think about it like this. If you're woman does everything she possibly can for you to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. Why can't she get you to give her a little more than your dirty draws and a list of demands? My reason for this post is to get some of these guys out here to show their women some damn love, adoration, and appreciation. Taking her out to dinner is NOT always the answer (it's fine for the special occasions), because she doesn't sleep with the server, the cook, or the host at the restaurant. Cooking a meal for anyone shows them that you cared enough about them, that you took time out of your day to do something nice/special for them. It shows that you knew that maybe they could use a nice meal and not have to worry about you or the family that night. Flowers are not a dead sign of "love and appreciation" either fellas. Especially when they are given on days other than Mother's Day, birthdays, or Valentine's Day. Flowers on a nonholiday day let's your lady feel like it might not be a holiday, but it made her day special because you thought about her. Making a day where you take the kids for the entire day so she can have some time to herself. Like I said earlier, if you can read you can cook. Fix her a quick and easy meal from the food network. You can find something simple, something that your lady may have never had before, and possibly something that she will love. Again if you can read, the site has prompts to help you find a recipe. Listen guys, if your woman is really "holding you down" (she has your best interest at heart), then it is up to you to show her how much you appreciate her. To show her how much you LOVE her. There are women out here that are looking for men, and you will need more than looks, money-spending dates, and your man-tool to keep her. The thing about it is friends, the WOMAN is not still in the kitchens. The WOMAN is not just feet in the air having babies. The WOMAN is not walking around with the baby strapped on her back while she mops, cleans, and does laundry. So why is it okay for the MAN to just go to work, do as he please, and come home and lounge around? If you're with you're lady right now, grab her. Tell her how much she means to you. Tell her that you see the work she does keeping the house in order. That if it wasn't for her you probably would not be for the better. If she is not with you, call her, text her, HELL BBM or email her and let her know that she is not going unnoticed and that you can't wait to see her when she gets back home. If you never want to lose the woman you're with, and the things I said in this post applies to you. Then hear what I'm saying. In the words of Otis Redding, " Squeeze her, don't tease her, and try a little tenderness" Alright I am done venting. Hopefully these words will benefit someone. Even if it's a woman who is in a bad relationship, that's right sweetie if you are giving that MF every part of you and he isn't showing you any appreciation or's time to talk to him. If he doesn't listen, THEN it's time to go. The man who does everything he can for a woman, the same goes for you. NO one should be left to feel less of a human being. But this one was for the fellas. Lastly my dudes, woman was made from the rib of a man. So God made woman with purpose. But the purpose wasn't to be beneath us, but rather with us. Love your woman fellas, before someone else does. You are NOT irreplaceable! Go ask my Aunt Ethel she'll tell you. LOL! Later y'all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strasburg Looked Great But...

In sports we always seem to look for the next breakout star. In baseball there are quite a few guys we are looking at now. Jayson Heyward, Garrett Jones, Neftali Feliz, Phil Hughes and Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals were bringing Strasburg along through the minors cautiously but slowly ensuring the kid was ready to hit the big leagues. During his minor league stint he had some pretty good outings. Then after a year of minor league play comes Wednseday night where Strasburg made his MLB debut for the Washington Nationals against the Pittsburg Pirates. Now before I move along I just want to express to those of you who are not familiar with baseball, that the Pirates are not a good team. The Pirates record is 23-37, a below .500 average. But the Nationals aren't that much better. Still the Pirates have "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYERS". Meaning, the team may not be that good, but all of these guys made it to the pros because they are good. So Strasburg initially showed he had some heat with his pitches with a fastball that clocked in the 98-100mph range. WOW! There was a moment in the game where he faced a bit of adversity which I will touch on later, but he never gave up and hung in there. As the game continued I started to wonder, "Could this kid be the next great pitcher?" Then reality set in. I will not be able to answer that question until he links up good season after good season. Not to mention it was only his first major league start. Still, Strasburg appeared to have the stuff it will take to have a great career. He has a spicy fastball, a nasty curve, and a beautiful change up with a throwing form that has no wasted motion. Strasburg gave up 2 runs in the 4th inning on a 2 run homer from Delwyn Young. Strasburg remained in the game despite giving up the lead. He would then show us all why the Nationals not only drafted him #1 overall in last year's draft, but are paying him a record (for rookies) 15.1 million dollars. Strasburg pitched into the seventh inning when he was taken out for a pinch hitter. (Pinch hitter- a guy who does not start the game but goes up to bat for someone who did start. Then that starter is usually out of the game especially if it's a pitcher) He left the game with a 4-2 lead fanning (striking out) every starter at least once, with a total of 14 strikeouts, and get this...NO WALKS! Also Strasburg threw 94 pitches over the 7 innings averaging like 13 pitches an inning. That means he was only facing 3 batters per inning and throwing maybe 3 0r 4 pitches per batter. Out of the 94 pitches he threw, 65 were strikes. Strasburg did in fact pick up his first MLB win with a score of 5-2. This young man could very well be that next breakout star, BUT until I can see a little more I am reserving my "Greatness" stamp of approval for a later date. However I will leave with this. I was very impressed with his performance, I like what I saw from him, and I can very well see this kid having one hell of a future. But let's all sit back and watch it develope. Until next time.